Healthy Eating Week at Rock Healthcare

Want to eat better and feel better? To mark the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week (12 to 16 June), we asked our nurse Alison de Vial to give us her top ten tips for a healthier you.

  1. Drink plenty of water – we all know we should drink more water and about two litres a day is the recommended daily intake. Try keeping a bottle on your desk or in your bag to sip from throughout the day to ensure your body is kept hydrated.
  2. Eat more fruit and veg – aim for five to ten portions every day if possible. One portion is equal to one apple or, in the case of smaller fruits, a fistful of raspberries, for example. A glass of fruit juice (about 200ml) also counts as a portion, but don’t just drink five glasses as variety is key.
  3. Include wholegrain carbohydrates in your diet – this includes seeded brown bread and brown rice, which should ideally replace any white bread or rice in your diet.
  4. Go for low fat dairy products – swap fatty and sugary yogurts for low-fat versions and fromage frais.
  5. Limit your intake of saturated fats – this includes takeaways, and the key word here is limit rather than avoid. Allow yourself the odd treat rather than cutting them out completely.
  6. Eat more high fibre foods – brown bread, nuts and pulses are all important here, although you need to be wary of nuts that are high in fat.
  7. Proteins are important – chicken and fish are vital in a healthy diet and red meats should be minimal. Try to limit the times you opt for red meats and have one meal a week that is vegetarian.
  8. Eat treats in moderation – cutting out treats completely can make your body crave them so it’s fine to allow yourself the occasional indulgence. Eat one biscuit rather than a pack, a couple of squares of chocolate rather than the whole bar or start buying fun-size bars instead of full-size.
  9. Look at portion sizes – visit to check how much you should be eating. It can be a good idea to buy a smaller plate for meals as many people will fill whatever plate they use.
  10. Have a 20-minute break after meals before eating more – your body takes this long to recognise that your stomach is full, so stepping away from the table before eating more can be a good idea. If after 20 minutes you are still hungry, get a piece of fruit instead of something sugary.
Following these ten steps can ensure you remain fit and healthy beyond Healthy Eating Week. For more information about lifestyle services in Bury click here